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Quat Olunger Diaphragm Pump
Basic information
● Germany original imported high precision pump head
● Can upgrade color touch screen and data export
● Low pulse, quiet operation
 Simple design and easy cleaning
Description Specification Optional items
Product Overview 

● Non-sealing design ensures gentle delivery of products
It can be cleaned in situ and sterilized in place, reducing the cost of sanitizing and preventing cross-contamination

it can improve the purification output of filtration system

澳门金沙娱场3777.comProduct Feature  

 Ultralow shear force and maximal protection of biological molecular activity

● No pulse, wide range flow, maximum 8bar pressure output
● No mechanical seal, pump body to maintain high cleanliness, accord with the high level sanitary requirements

● No general single - directional valve, pump head structure stable, low failure rate


Product Application 
 Cell suspension (mammalian cell, bacterium, yeast, insect cell)
Cell culture fluidmonoclonal antibody
● Virus suspension, virus vaccine, bacterial vaccine
● Polymer, macroporous molecule, chromatographic medium, chromatographic flow   phase.


Description Specification Optional items Product list
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