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Spiral-Wound Membrane Element
Basic information
Microfiltration membrane
 Ultrafiltration membrane
 Nanofiltration membrane
 Reverse osmosis membrance
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 Imported high quality film roll, imported brand film ideal substitute   
● Roll type microfiltration membrane, roll type ultrafiltration membrane, roll type nanofiltration membrane, roll type reverse osmosis    membrane

● Membrane retention channel, mesh, membrane materials custom made, personalized needs

Roll type microfiltration membrane element    MF

 Entrapment particles:0.1~1 μm
● Applied to cut off suspended solids, bacteria and macromolecular colloidal substances
Operating pressure:0.3~7 bar
 It can customize membrane products of acid and alkali resistance, anti-pollution, high
   temperature resistance

jin2055.com Roll type ultrafiltration membrane element    UF

 Molecular Weight Cut-Off:1KD~200KD
It can retain macromolecular substances (proteins, pigments,
Small molecules (inorganic salts, small molecule pigments,
   monosaccharides, ash) can also be retained
Alternative activated carbon decolorization, resin impurity removal,
   crystal extraction, etc.
It can be customized to resist acid and alkali, anti - pollution and
high temperature film products.


 Roll type nanofiltration membrane element  

● Molecular Weight Cut-Off:200D~800D
 Characteristics: Preferential retention of divalent and polyvalent
   anions, and rejection rate of monovalent ions related to the
   concentration and composition of the feed solution

 Removal of organics and pigments in surface water, hardness in
   groundwater and partial removal of dissolved salts
 Material: polyamide, sulfonated polyether sulfone and sulfonated
    polysulfone. It can customize film products of acid and
resistance, anti-pollution, high temperature resistance. 


Roll type reverse osmosis membrane element       RO

 ● Interception of molecular particles:greater than 0.0001 μm, isocratic
    water molecules passing

 ● We provide a unique polyamide composite membrane.
 It can produce standard pressure, low pressure, ultra low pressure and
    seawater desalination roll type reverse osmosis membrane element.

  Material: polyamide, sulfonated polyether sulfone and sulfonated
    polysulfone. It can customize film products of acid and alkali
    resistance, anti-pollution, high temperature resistance.


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