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Analysis of the characteristics of domestic small tangential Time:2018.01.26
    The automatic membrane filtration system of domestic tangential flow filtration membrane and process development can be used for all tangential flow operations throughout the whole purification program. From cell collection to final ultrafiltration/filtration process is no exception. The system is still the first choice for small-scale automation, and its processing power is up to a number of litres, and the smallest is down to 25 milliliters. Here are Characteristics of domestic tangential flow filtration system.
  •  According to the molecular weight of the separation material, the high quality PALL laboratory flat membrane was adopted to quickly separate the liquid.
  •  Plug and play, which can be installed at the same time three intercept flat membrane of different molecular weight, separation and enrichment without dismantling change membrane; It can also install three of the same molecular weight film, high separation, concentrated efficiency.
  • FLOM automatic microcomputer control, set directly by high quality touch screen flow, pressure, temperature, data display and comparable to the historical data to evaluate online separation effect, and has the function of data storage, one-button reduction history setting parameters, operation more easy and convenient.
  • Pressure differential sensor dif-pressure FLOM module to ensure the constant speed of the experiment, to ensure the accuracy of the experiment.
  • German original imported high stability peristaltic pump, with intelligent flow adjustment function, one key regulation flow, flow range: 50 ml/min ~ 600 ml/min.
  • High sensitivity electronic pressure sensor, on-line detection operating pressure, improve processing efficiency, protective membrane components.
  • Compact structure design, make the system work with low volume, in order to gain high enrichment factor, up to 1 L (or more) sample enrichment to 5 ml of low; Moreover, the volume of the system and the contact area of the internal fluid are very low, and the fluid will not flow through the mechanical device of the pump, and it will not be trapped, so that the sample loss rate will be minimized.
  • All the structural materials of the components in contact with the fluid have low protein adsorption, chemical resistance and biosafety. Easy assembly and disassembly of system components design without any tools to make cleaning and accessories replacement easier and faster.
  • The Slipping fastener lock the Luer fittings that eliminate the occurrence of kinks in the piping.
  • The FLOM micro magnetic stirrer is configured to ensure that the concentration of the material is increasing continuously during the separation and concentration, and the separation efficiency is improved when the viscosity increases
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