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High-performance Spray Dryers for Special Laboratories in Sc Time:2018.03.22
     The laboratory micro spray dryer adopts two-fluid spray atomization method. The entire spray drying system is precision manufactured using high-quality stainless steel materials. Its drying separation and collection system is made of high-quality heat-resistant glass materials, making the spray drying experiment free from pollution and In a stable environment. Due to the use of a transparent glass instrument drying and separation system, the entire spray drying experiment can be performed during the direct observation process, which provides a great convenience for scientific researchers to control the experimental process and experimental results.
     The spray drying technique is to atomize the liquid material into fine mist droplets through the nozzle to obtain a large specific surface area. After entering the thermal field flowing in the drying tower, the mist droplets are immediately dried and separated into heat of the powder material. process. The feed can be a flowable liquid such as a solution, an emulsion, a suspension, a paste, a jelly liquid, and the like. Spray drying technology is a kind of drying method with the fastest development and the widest application range in the drying field. Currently, it is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical industry, dairy industry, building material industry, and dye industry.
The digital display is clear: the large-size digital tube is used to display the experimental parameters to facilitate the observation, monitoring and adjustment of the experimental parameters at a long distance.
     Easy to operate: The instrument is designed according to the height of the human body, and the movable base is convenient to operate, making the operating instrument convenient.
    Sample Stirring: The solution sample stage has a powerful magnetic stirring function that allows the solution to be dried to maintain a uniform concentration and improve the quality of spray drying experiments.
Automatic Needle: The nozzle can automatically pass the needle at set time intervals. It can also be manually opened at any time. It is also very convenient to disassemble and clean.
   Two-stage collection: The single-stage or two-stage cyclone collection device can be selected for the recovery of dry samples. For the experiments with the recovery rate, the use of a two-stage cyclone collector can improve the sample recovery rate.
The experimental data and sample products obtained through this machine have direct guiding significance for industrial production. Various experimental parameters can be directly applied to product expansion or actual production.
   In order to meet the requirements of users to adjust various parameters in a wide range, a unique, real-time adjusted PID constant temperature control technology is adopted in the design of the drying temperature control, so that the temperature control in the full temperature zone is accurate. In the control of hot air flow, the use of frequency control technology, so that accurate control, hot air flow up to 35m3 / h. The solution pump volume adjustment is 1%, making the control accurate, the maximum sample volume up to 2L / h. The machine is equipped with a strong magnetic stirring device at the position of the solution bottle to maintain a uniform concentration of the sample solution so as to ensure the smooth and steady progress of the spray drying process.
     In order to maintain the purity of the sample and the environmental protection requirements of the discharge, the YM-6000Y laboratory mini spray dryer is equipped with an inlet filter and an outlet filter. Make the entire system more complete.
Fan protection: The standard air outlet protects the fan filter to reduce the adhesion of the sample dust to the spray dryer fan rotor and reduce the troubles of instrument maintenance.
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