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Which Kind Bioreactor is Your Lab Using? Time:2018.03.16
     Whether or not the animal cell culture technology can be industrialized and commercialized on a large scale depends on whether a suitable bioreactor can be designed. Due to the great difference between animal cells and microbial cells, traditional microbial reactors are obviously not suitable for large-scale cultivation of animal cells. Firstly, it must satisfy the low shear stress and good mixing conditions to provide sufficient oxygen for cell growth and cell product synthesis.
    Although new reactors have been developed in recent years for the purpose of reducing shear and enhancing mass transfer mixing, like GE's WAVE® Reactor, PBS Biotech Air-Wheel® Reactor, etc. However, the production of antibody drugs still mainly adopts ventilated stirring reactors. According to the reactor material, it can be divided into stainless steel reactors, glass tank reactors, and disposable reactors.

Stainless steel reactor:
    So far, FDA-approved antibody drugs are basically manufactured in stainless steel reactors. Due to the low yield of early antibodies, the production scale is mostly around 10 000 L. Stainless steel reactors usually involve CIP modules, SIP modules, storage modules, etc. Therefore, the piping connection is very complicated and requires a high level of operators.  Once pollution occurs, the entire system needs to be checked and sterilized. At the same time, stainless steel reactors also face high initial equipment input and operating costs.

Glass tank reactor:
    At present, most of the reactors used for process development research at home and abroad are glass tanks. The glass tank bioreactor has features such as flexible configuration, powerful function, simple operation, and easy upgrade and expansion. It is the best choice for developing animal cell culture and microbial fermentation research and development projects, it can be used in cultivation of animal cell, escherichia coli, yeast, fungus, insect cell and plant cell, etc. Currently representative products researched and developed by Beijing Holves Biotechnology Co., LTD can provide tanks like 1L, 3L, 5L, 10L , etc. .

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