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TR Series Rotary Spray Dryer
Basic information
It is rotatable and easy to clean
It is suitable for small-scale production
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Brief Introduction of TR Series Equipment 



Testing and Processing Services

      Whether it is a new research project, the design of large all-weather production, or improving the existing production process, based on years of experience, our company can provide you with testing and consigned processing services, consulting services. Our company's powder technology center (PTC) in kawasaki city is equipped with a number of spray drying machines and analytical instruments. Based on the information of solid content, viscosity, water content, particle size distribution, particle shape, etc,  the experienced test engineers in our company will provide you with comprehensive real time process analysis to make sure your specific requirements are satisfied. Our company also provides the consigned processing services. (Each batch can handle hundreds of grams to several tons)



Testable Machine Model


Model SprayBoy P260 FR125 D350 TR160
  • Atomization way

Dual Fluid Nozzles Dual Fluid Nozzles Dual Fluid Nozzles Dual Fluid Nozzles Dual Fluid Nozzles
Water evaporation Maximum 3kg/h Maximum 30kg/h Maximum 16kg/h Maximum 50kg/h Maximum 15kg/h
Dry particle diameter Several microns to 30 microns Several microns to 120 microns Several microns to 60 microns Several microns to 200 microns Several microns to 80 microns
System choice Opening system, closing system Opening system Opening system Opening system Opening system, closing system



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