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Company founder in the distribution of products and fermentor Niro products.
Company R & D team after a year of testing large amounts of data, the company announced the completion of the membrane separation product development and testing, and to market.
The company is the first to market two products H-Filtration Series wound membrane separation equipment and H-TFF tangential flow ultrafiltration device. Wound membrane separation equipment is mainly used in industrial separation. TFF tangential flow ultrafiltration device is mainly used in the field of pharmaceutical protein isolate.
After a lot of user research, accumulated a large amount of data, the company began the development of R & D team fermenter products and membrane separation products. Fermenter prototype and membrane separation have been completed prototype manufacturing, ongoing intensive pre-market testing.
H-Spray series after a year of promotion, has accumulated receive 300 million sales, the company initial victory, H-Spray products have received good acclaim client.
As we venture's first product to achieve such results, to express our deepest appreciation for the support of our business users!
H-Spray products come out, which is completely independent research by the Beijing Holves, designed and manufactured products.
Starting H-Spray Mini product after a year-long test, outstanding performance, and began to sell all with the user.
Beijing Holves Biotechnology Co.,LTD. reached a consensus on cooperation with GEA Niro, sales agents GEA Niro spray dryer Universal.
So far Beijing has become GEA Niro Holves sole sales agent in China, responsible for GEA Niro universal equipment sales, and is responsible for the relevant service work.
Beijing Holves Biotechnology Co.,LTD completed the business registration and the establishment of the company is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing.
PHONE:0556-5561288-610 FAX:010-64919358-805 E-MAIL:sales@holves.com ADDRESS:Beijing City, Tongzhou
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