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Laboratory Bioreactor HB-Eu 210 Series
● Volume of tank 1L, 3L, 5L, 10L,customizable
Heating methodJacket insulation blanket heating
control system:HB-Control Bioreactor control system for independent property rights
● Optional items:CO/O exhaust gas analyzer, Computer client softwarewater-bath heating+External circulating water···
Description Specification Optional items
 Tank System
● Excellent and exquisite design brings the best tank system in the industry
● Abandon the thread design,  reduce the thickness of the lid with the maximum load to reach a staggering thickness 2.5mm
 ● opening hole adopts the modular fast disassembly design, maximum range     adaptation to multi-brand monitoring electrode, later modification and maintenance can be achieved through the conversion



Stirring System 

●  Expensive stirring system stops the tank infecting bacteria

●  Original imported mechanical seal eliminates the contamination of machinery
●  More than 1000 times stirring balance tests  to make the stirring stable and controllable
  Specially designed cell agitator paddle to minimize stirring shearing force, it also can be customized

 Automated ventilation system 

● Patented Central Gas Mixing Station
● Set the oxygen content to complete the automatic adjustment, it is so simple
● O2+N2+CO2+Air  The four-way gas is controlled by the proportional control valve, and the rotor flowmeter displays the flow. 
● The microporous gas distributor and annular gas distributor can be selected.



www.澳门金沙6088.com Crate 

●  Simple, easy to use, highly scalable, industry's smallest volume controller
● Equipped with 7-inch capacitive touch screen, multi-touch, can connect the computer control section and realize the joint control
●  Equipped with quick disassembly interface, 3 peristaltic pump and support for external expansion
 Built-in HB-Control control software can be used for online monitoring, recording and curve display



Core technology 澳门金沙4066com
● The core R&D team comes from the German company bioreactor team with stable and reliable technical support
● Strong corporate philosophy, supporting our outstanding products
● The r&d team has experienced 4000L bioreactor design experience



Description Specification Optional items Product list
TFF Device Mini T01 +MORE
Multifunctional Membrane Separatio +MORE
Laboratory Bioreactor HB-Eu 210 Se +MORE
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